What Is This Website For?

This is a place for sufferers of intrusive thoughts, whether they stem from OCD, other conditions or just pop into your mind and you are looking for some help. This website can also help family/friends trying to support someone they care about with intrusive thoughts.

There are many ways this website intends to help support the worldwide community of intrusive thought sufferers and their family/friends, such as:

  • Sharing in depth information to help educate, increase understanding and help reduce anxiety caused by not knowing what is going on. The information is gathered from multiple reliable sources e.g. official health websites and first hand experience from other sufferers.

  • Providing steps on how to get well again, including where to start, everything you need to know and what you can expect to happen through the recovery journey.

  • Help combat stigma attached to mental health and encourage openness and acceptance towards people suffering from mental health issues.

  • Offering a forum where anyone with questions about intrusive thoughts, or seeking some support, can ask the community for answers and help reduce that feeling of being alone.

  • Having links to multiple other websites and charities that offer support to sufferers.

As time goes on this website will increase what it offers to help support the community who suffer with intrusive thoughts and look into anything that could increase the effectiveness of what it already offers.

Thanks for your time.