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Possible Intrusive Thoughts Examples

Here is a bunch of the worst intrusive thoughts people suffering with intrusive thoughts can have, to show what can go through the mind of someone who suffers with them. If you can't see your thoughts here, it don't be worried about that, we don't all have the same thoughts. This is just to show what can go through a sufferers mind.

  • Seeing a child/man/family member and looking for anything that could be attractive looking and if I do then believe that I must be pedo/gay/incest

  • Feeling like I want to something inappropriate with a child/man/family member.

  • Having thoughts that make me feel I am genuinely a pedo/gay or incest, for example imagining doing sexual things and feeling attracted to the thoughts.

  • Having thoughts that I would be happy or wouldn't care if family members die.

  • Having thoughts that I want to be these bad thoughts or feeling worried that i might not be these thoughts which is very confusing.

  • Thinking there might be someone in the house who might get me or someone on the street by jump me.

  • rarely acting out slightly, like making weird faces, clenching my body, hitting my self or very rarely, not harmful testing behaviors.

  • feeling the need to look at children to see if I am attracted or not, or seeing a picture and feeling a strong pull, like I am attracted and the urge to look at it again to see if I was.

  • Thinking I like dirty smells, anything that would deem me to me a weirdo.

  • Obsessing how something ended up being where it is.

  • Focusing on my breathing, blinking and breathing, even how when you walk, everything slightly bounces.

  • Thinking people are looking at me weirdly, like there is something wrong with me me.

  • Having to put something in a particular place at a random moment in time, an urge I have to carry out.

  • Going over something in my head until it feels right, sometimes with no conclusion but until I have this feeling that I have ended the thought properly.

These are many examples of what can go through my mind and I'll add more over time if I think they are different enough to the other ones.