Goals & Aims

This is a list of Intrusive Thoughts OCD's goals & aims it wishes to work towards achieving. This is something that everyone can help with as these are worldwide problems that we can all come together to solve.

  • Reduce stigma towards not only people with intrusive thoughts but all mental health issues.

  • Increasing everyone's openness about mental health to help prevent problems to begin with but also help improve recovery of those already suffering.

  • Offer an increasing amount of information that help educate everyone about intrusive thoughts and encourage recovery

  • Have the websites forum grow into a place where questions can be answered, people can talk to people that are going through the same thing as them and hopefully form friendships.

  • Push for change in the education system and working environment to end the lack of understanding and bullying which just worsens mental illnesses. 

  • Have a forever improving help guide to send people who want to get better in the right direction.

This list will most likely increase over time but is up to date as of now.

Thank you for your time.