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Intrusive Thoughts OCD Types

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Here is a full up to date list, with descriptions of the sub-types of Intrusive thoughts you can get. All are named as sub-types of OCD due to most people suffering with uncontrollable intrusive thoughts have OCD.

Although these terms are not medically recognized, it is a useful way of finding others within the community that suffer similar thoughts and find specific information on the internet. 


This list will be updated if new sub-types occur, please comment below if you have a sub-type that should be added.


Animal OCD: Obsessions that surround feeling or worry about feeling attraction towards animals, hurting animals or any intrusive thought to do with animals. Sexually themed obsessions about animals can also be called beastiality OCD.


Bi-Sexual OCD: Obcessions that are worry about being Bi-Sexual, e.g. feeling normal attraction toward the same sex but seeing it as meaning more than just appreciating a persons attractiveness. 


Contamination OCD: Fear of contamination by disease, infection or an unpleasant substance.


Disaster OCD: Thoughts of many different bad things happening like a family member dieing, ways the world could come to end or looking at everything in a extreme worse case scenario etc.

Death OCD: Thoughts and Feelings of shear dread about dieing oneself and family. An example of this is looking at each day that goes by as a day closer to dieing.



Experience OCD: Obsessing that ones experience is what makes them a worthy person, lack of experience or failure can cause great distress with how the person views themselves.


Fashion OCD: Many people feeling adicted to shopping but some struggle with underlying OCD, which can come out within a usually normal task of shopping. The pressures of being with latest fashion and the good feeling you get when buying things for yourself is easy fuel for this obsession. This can become serious when a person suffering with this spends money they don't have and can't control compulsive buying.


Gaming OCD: Becoming obsessive with gaming is another easy problem to slip into. It can affect you by it consuming your life, not being able to come off and all you think about. Another example is having to do things with in a game a certain way.


Homosexual OCD (HOCD): Obsessions focused on worrying about being attracted to the same sex. There is a lot of over analyzing with this sub-type, any feeling of attraction is taken as proof that the person is homosexual. This type of thought causes the sufferer to not know there own identity due to severe doubt.

Harm OCD: Thinking oneself could hurt someone, seeing knives for example can trigger thoughts of attacking people who are nearby. These thoughts like any other can feel extremely real and are very distressing.

Hoarding OCD: Keep or collect items that may have little or no monetary value, such as junk mail and carrier bags. Many people who hoard have strongly held beliefs related to acquiring and discarding things, such as: "I may need this someday" or "If I buy this, it will make me happy" 


Iphone OCD: Although it may sound made up, it is quite common for OCD to latch onto anything. Being obsessed with an iPhone, or any other addictive thing can takeover. When not using this item, it can become all that the person thinks about.

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Paedophilia OCD (POCD): Causes the person living with it to have unwanted harmful or sexual thoughts about children. These thoughts can lead to intense panic, shame and depression and can prompt the person experiencing them to go into protective mode, avoiding children at all costs.


No obcessions can be found with Q at the moment. 


Relationship OCD: Where you experience persistent fear and uncertainty about your relationship. It can become so extreme that from all the intense obsessing, you feel numb. This can add to the belief that there is a problem with your relationship. Also looking for any small thing, like little habits your partner does which you do not like become evidence of why you might not want to be with this person.

Religious OCD (ROCD): Suffer from obsessive religious doubts and fears, unwanted blasphemous thoughts and images, as well as compulsive religious rituals, reassurance seeking, and avoidance. People with religious OCD strongly believe in and fear punishment from a divine being or deity.


Straight OCD: The opposite to homosexual OCD but for people who are gay but worry about being straight. This is attacking someones identity and can be very distressing.


Transgender OCD: Similar to unwanted thoughts related to sexuality, transgender OCD comprises an absolute need to be 100% certain of one's true gender


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