Getting Better - The future

When you have gone through treatment and got back to normal living again, it is easy to think that its over. Mental health is something you have to look after constantly, something often forgotten. And the likelihood is, that if intrusive thoughts got you badly, that you have been diagnosed with some kind of disorder which is for life.

Prevention is better than cure and maintaining mental well being is something you must take seriously, below are several tips to help keep your mind well.


Mental & Psychical Health:


Health is obviously a combination of both mental and psychical. Both need to be good for you to be in truly good health. When it comes to psychical health, eating/drinking well and exercise are important. Eating healthily and exercise is proven to help our minds but when facing tough times its easy to stop looking after ourselves and over indulge.


Our mental health, is as important to look after and most of what helps this can be found below. In short, we need to break our lives in smaller pieces and see what works and what doesn't. If you can look at most parts of your life with satisfaction, then you should be in the right place.

Stress control:


 If you are stressed, this on its own can give you various symptoms but if you already have a mental illness, its like adding fuel to fire. It can become unmanageable to cope and this is usually when dangerous behaviors become more likely, like self harm. Finding the source of this stress is important, find a way to get rid of it or at least reduce the stress, otherwise it is very unlikely to get better and your suffering will be prolonged longer than it has to be.

Money & organisation:


When you have money issues, whether that is debt, not knowing what is happening with your bills, simply having no organisation or your living day by day hoping for the best, this can have a huge impact on your mental health.


When you feel like you can get to doing it, organize all your bills, work out when they come out and when you get your income in your bank. Add everything up and work out how much money you have left. If you you are in the minus, then its looking at if you can cut costs, for example getting a better broadband deal. If you are in debt, see if you can get so me sort of debt management , where you pay a fixed amount a month.


If you know what is going on, even if your facing hard times financially it is one less thing to feel worse about because you are more in control, uncertainty can really affect our mental health, so get as much awareness as possible, being in control can be a important tool in maintaining good mental well-being.



Maintaining healthy relationships isn't always easy, we go through good and bad times with friends, family and partners. If you have a long lasting feud with a particular relationship and it isn't looking like it can be resolved, as hard as it is, it is best to let go. Having the emotional roller coaster of an unstable relationship can worsen your mental health but is one of the most challenging things to let go of because usually its with a close loved one.


You will usually go in circles though until you walk away. Make sure you are getting back what you are giving, there has to be a balance or you will quickly start to feel negative, you have to act more assertive. You deserve to be treated how you treat others, so its best to cut off anyone who isn't doing that after discussing it with them first.

Job: If you are able to work, being happy at work is hugely important as most of your time is spent there. Anything from just hating the work you do, to being bullied in the work place needs to be resolved. If you want a different job, try to stay positive whilst looking for a new job, knowing you are doing everything you can to change your work life. Don't be afraid to voice problems to your bosses, your health is important and you have a right to be as happy as you can be in your work place.



Having your own interest that you can lose your self in is something we all need and promotes better mental health. There is no right or wrong hobbie, whatever interests you.



If you are struggling with a recent event or you feel your mental health is struggling again, getting a top up of therapy that helped before. Counselling so you can get out how you are feeling but if you feel you need more help than this or you would prefer to just be assisted from the start, see your local doctor.

Mental Health Team:


If you are still under the mental health team, it is important you keep in contact with them as they can help you if you are having a rough moment and guide you on how to deal with current issues you may have.



The base/foundation of our lives is at home and if this crucial part is in disarray, it is easy for our mental health to deteriorate. Whatever the issue, whether it might be the fear of losing your home because you cant afford it, difficult relationships or you are homeless, you must try to sort the problem as well as you can.

Don't feel pressure to get everything sorted in one go, just try to work on your life bit by bit but having as much of your life running well will maintain a well mind.

Thanks for reading,