Getting Better - First Steps

Reach out: When you feel your mental health is no longer manageable, its time to reach out for help. To begin with this can be with small steps, such as talking to a friend, family member or anyone you feel the closest to and can trust the most. That first moment speaking out about it can be the scariest thing you have ever done but also the relief of not being alone anymore can be a huge relief.


It can be terrifying to speak about mental health issues, especially intrusive thoughts because of the fear of being seen to be a bad person or a monster. 

See a doctor: When you feel as ready as you can be within yourself, hopefully after confiding in someone, its time to see a professional. This is another scary step but try use the fact that you are doing the right thing to give you that push. When you see a doctor, be as open and honest as possible because the more you tell them, the better they will understand what mental illness you are struggling with.


Reduce Stress A.S.A.P: It is important that now you have started your recovery process, that you create a strong base to grow from. You need to reduce all unnecessary stresses, avoid unwarranted negativity and look at your life to see if you can improve your quality of life. 


See what works and what doesn't, look at your life like a tower of Jenga. For even the strongest minded person, If too many things in your life are a problem, you are likely to run into trouble. So if you have an underlying mental health problem, it is even more likely for you to eventually hit a wall.


Break it down, family, friends, job, health, hobbies etc. If you have a couple things that aren't great right now, then you can cope but once more parts of your life aren't good, then you can not progress and this is why its so important that you cut out what you can, so you can start your recovery properly.

So anyone that is bringing you down, distance yourself, if you are too unwell to work, take time off or get benefits so you can get better without the pressure of paying your bills. There is a lot of stigma to people who go on benefits even if they are unwell, learning to let go of what others think is a tough but looking after yourself is the most important thing here.

If your life is chaos, the help you need e.g. therapy wouldn't likely work due to the stress and emotional distress. So, make sure you build that base to grow from, then the rest should fall in to place as you go through whatever treatment you need.

Thanks for reading!