Why did you make this website?

Although there are many helpful websites for intrusive thoughts, I felt there wasn't want that brought all the best information together and was run by someone who actually knew how sufferers feel. Living through something gives you a far better understanding of something than someone who has only read books about it.

What experience do you have with intrusive thoughts?

I have had intrusive thoughts since around 2006, from when I was around 14. I have had so many different thoughts and obsessions I couldn't probably write an infinite list of different variations. I have researched a lot into it, to help myself understand better, as well as being seen by professionals and taking on there knowledge. This creates a bigger picture that I am using to give a good view on this website.

What are your plans for the future of the website?

I want to keep gathering the best information and add it to the site, to create a big collective of quality content that can help everyone who suffers to start or a sit in there recovery. To raise awareness and destroy stigma from its roots.

What made you design the website the way it is?

I wanted the website to an artistic feel to it but at the same time not feel like a typical mental health website, for it to be more relaxed and normalise the reality of mental health issues. I want to keep it as casual as possible because it can feel very intimidating to face your own demons.